Growing foxes™

Developing the art of strategic thinking. From classroom to boardroom.

Dynamic World. Dynamic Thinkers.

Business Engage/30% Club and Growing Foxes™ have teamed up to provide an innovative learning programme to grow the next generation of foxes, and develop the requisite pipeline of skills and leadership for the new world of work.

The programme integrates robust methodologies and cutting-edge design to provide a rigorous and dynamic learning experience.

Engagement is facilitated by strategy experts through an innovative online learning platform, in conjunction with optional contact days for expertly facilitated discussions and scenario simulations.

It is updated on a daily basis with the latest intelligence to ensure the programme is as alive as the world it’s preparing young minds for.

The programme has various levels designed for high school students, university students and young professionals

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Who the fox put this together?

The Growing Foxes programme has evolved from the robust methodologies developed by two of the world’s leading scenario strategists and futurists – Chantell Ilbury and Clem Sunter. Their methodologies have been tried and tested with leading businesses all around the world.



The team behind Growing Foxes – a fluid collective of dynamism and experience – includes leading strategists and scenario planners, intelligence theorists and analysts, philosophers, journalists and writers, educators, graphic designers and animators, and software engineers.


All together, they add up to a foxy bunch with decades of experience, united by a commitment to creating the next generation of foxes, and a taste for chicken.

Growing Foxes
Who the fox put this together?​

Why the fox?

The philosopher Isaiah Berlin distinguished between two types of thinkers: foxes, who incorporate diverse sources of information, balance perspectives, and constantly update their assumptions in the face of new evidence; and hedgehogs, who try to shape everything around one big idea.

Growing Foxes adapt this distinction to thinking about the future: Foxes constantly connect dots, weigh up a variety of possible futures, and then adjust their beliefs as to which one will play out according to the intelligence they continually gather along the way. In contrast, hedgehogs make a confident bet on a single future, and then stick to it, through thick and thin. 

Recent research from America’s top futurist, Philip Tetlock, provided evidence for the superiority of foxes. His study of 28 000 geopolitical and economic forecasts showed that non-experts who could think like a fox consistently outperformed expert hedgehogs in accuracy. 

In a rapidly changing world packed full of uncertainty, we should be growing foxes. 

Why the fox?

Meet Alice and Bob below, they’ll tell you a little more about the programme.


The cost of the programme is R1,250.00 plus V.A.T. 

  • The online part of the programme consists of ten lessons which are about one hour long.

The official launch date 5th March 2020 at the CEO Members dinner. Participants may however join the programme as from January 2020.