Board Walk: Durban – 5 June 2019

The Board Walk is an initiative that has been created to nurture the development of aspiring directors who are currently in senior management positions and help them to unlock their future potential. It aims to expose these individuals to existing directors (both executive and non-executive) and partners during an interactive networking breakfast that will encourage meaningful engagement and dialogue.

The Board Walk paints the picture of a promenade or walkway and it holds the underlying meaning of the bridge that an aspiring director needs to cross to become “Board-ready”, as well as the journey that needs to be embarked upon.
As they take their first steps down this path of opportunity, these aspiring directors will benefit from those already sitting in the higher echelons of corporate South Africa to offer their guidance and share their insights and challenges.

Business and other leaders will be invited to host a table of between eight and ten people. The responsibility of the host will be to impart knowledge, experience and words of wisdom to the table, while directing the conversation.
The topics can be either specific or general as the host and the table pleases. Attendees will rotate tables twice during the breakfast, while the hosts remain at their table.

Lorraine Hill

Lorraine Hill

5 June 2019, 07h30-10h30

Guest Speaker
Lorraine Hill
Aspen Group Operating Officer and
Responsible Pharmacist
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Talk Title:
Determining your suitability for a board.

Vodacom, 11 Richefond Circle,
Ridgeside, Umhlanga, 4319

27 May 2019
Colleen Larsen
Phone: 0843539865

Event Fee(s)
No charge – Numbers are limited.

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Sponsored by: Vodacom


Speaker profile

Lorraine Hill (52) attended Townsend Girls High School in Zimbabwe and graduated from Rhodes University with a B.Pharm degree. She completed her in-service training to become a Pharmacist in 1986 and formally
entered the pharmaceutical industry in 1987.

In 1994 she joined Garec Pharmaceuticals to head up the Regulatory Affairs department and later took up the pharmaceutical responsibility of Managing Director. Garec was integrated into Aspen in 1998 and as such she has worked for the Aspen Group, through this combined tenure, for more than 21 years.

Over the past 9 years her level of responsibility has grown from managing the Regulatory Affairs department at Aspen (which at the time operated almost exclusively in South Africa) to being appointed the Group Operating Ocer, reporting directly to the Group Chief Executive. Her current position includes global responsibility for multiple operational areas of the business including regulatory affairs, quality, pharmacovigilance, manufacturing and supply chain, procurement and third party supply, negotiation and implementation of new business initiatives including the lead in the majority of Aspen’s global transactions, IT, and group project management. She also holds directorship positions on various Aspen Group companies.

The rapid growth of Aspen necessitated the establishment of global systems, processes and structures across all Group operations functions, which Lorraine contributed significantly towards. Worthy of particular mention is the recent nalization of two major transactions with GlaxosmithKline and MSD and the seamless integration of these transactions into the newly created structures. ese acquisitions had a combined value of more than R20 billion.

Lorraine has worked with industry groups to draft guidelines which contributed to the:
Establishment of an operational infrastructure for the globalization of Aspen;
Development of processes and practices which have formed a solid foundation for future business growth; and
Creation of a Woman’s Forum to further the specific needs of women in the Aspen workplace.

The empowerment of women lies close to Lorraine’s heart. rough participation with the Group’s executive HR forum, and in her capacity as the chairperson of the Aspen Women’s Forum, she has endeavoured to
ensure that any perceived and real barriers to the advancement of women within Aspen are overcome. She collaborated with colleagues to formulate and implement a programme for talented individuals to afford them
opportunities similar to those she has been privileged to receive.

Lorraine’s career trajectory has inspired many of the women in Aspen, which has subsequently contributed to an increase in the number of women in senior management positions within the Group.

This has created a cascade of women mentors within Aspen, who continue to share the tools and key success factors for women in business.

Her significant achievements in the pharmaceutical sector include Technical Chairpersonship of the National Association of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Chairperson of the Self Medication Association, Secretary and Co-ordinator of the Industry Task Group and multiple-nalist of the Standard Bank Businesswoman of the Year Award.

In addition, she implemented the strategy and registered Aspen’s anti-retroviral (ARV) portfolio which was launched in 2003 and which included the United States Food and Drug Administration’s (PEPFAR) tentative
approval of one of the world’s rst generic ARVs. Lorraine cites one of her most significant achievements as having been able to make a difference in the lives of patients around the world.

She has also dedicated her time to education, which she believes is one of the keys to success. To this end she worked with a group of dedicated individuals to build and start a group comprising three private schools, and
she chaired the Board of Governors of one of the schools for more than six years.

Lorraine is married to Bradley and they have three children. Despite a very demanding career, her family is a priority to her and she particularly enjoys spending time with them as well as her extended family.

About Aspen:
Through Aspen’s rapid global expansion strategy, the Group has established a presence in some 67 countries with 26 manufacturing facilities at 18 sites on 6 continents. Aspen supplies high quality, affordable medicines and products to more than 150 countries across the world.

Employing more than 10 000 people globally, Aspen has delivered double-digit earnings growth to its shareholders for 17 consecutive years and as at 30 June 2015 it had a market capitalization in excess of 164 billion.