Feb 2, 2021

9 March 2021 – Corporate Gender Intelligence

We define Corporate Gender Intelligence as 

“The aptitude of an organisation to acknowledge the business case for gender mainstreaming and the ability to acquire and apply the necessary knowledge, skills and processes to harness such qualities.”

In other words, Corporate Gender Intelligence is a company’s acknowledgement of the blended synergistic solution that is achieved through an appreciative balance of masculine and feminine perspectives in doing business, and the ability to apply this. It is what brings about the “aha!” moment in problem-solving and often amazing turnarounds in business thinking that enables long-term progressive growth and favourable bottomline.

International Women’s Day is annually held on March 8 to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. It is also known as the United Nations (UN) Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace.

Join us for a mixture of keynotes, panel discussions, inspirational moments, workshops and entertainment.

Corporate Gender Intelligence

When: 9 March 2021, 10h00-19h00
Where: YouTube and MS Teams Virtual event
Cost: Free of charge.
Agenda: Download the Agenda 

Andy and Ashley

Entertainment: Andy and Ashley
MC: Andy Klee

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