Mar 16, 2021

4 May 2021 – Virtual Leaders’Walk

The Virtual Leaders’ Walk has been created to nurture the development of aspiring leaders and to help them unlock their future potential. This is done during an interactive networking breakfast that will encourage meaningful engagement and dialogue.


4 May 2021, 09h00-11h00


MS Teams Virtual event

No cost

Guest Speaker

Lisa Walters

Lisa Walters

Topic: The Surprisingly Powerful Principles of the Silver Koi

On this talk you are going to learn:

How to re-engage exhausted teams

  • how individualism plays a major role in leadership
  • a mistake many leaders make that kills productivity a principle that is really going to surprise you, probably the most powerful, extraordinary, transformational principle
  • the current road map you are using is not the one that is actually playing out, and how to change that
  • how your success has everything to do with a fish!

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