May 7, 2021

26 May 2021 – Mental Health and Wellness for Corporates

The home is now the workplace and the lines have become very blurred…

Many organisations have implemented employee wellness initiatives to help employees implement self-care routines, and to find a balance between home responsibilities and work deliverables.

Organisations are starting to realise that employees are not necessarily safe working from home. Whether we want to admit it or not, gender based violence and harassment (GBVH) happens on a daily basis in our homes, our communities and our businesses. Many organisational policies still make reference to the physical workplace and have not been updated to include a virtual or work from home environment, which can result in non-compliance and have serious ramifications for businesses and leaders.

  • Are your mental health policies effective?
  • What is mental health costing your organisation?
  • How safe are your employees working from home?

To find out more on this topic and how you may take action within your organisation, please join us for this event.

FNB will also be providing feedback on the work they have been doing regarding Mental Health and Wellness. 

26 May 2021, 09h00-11h00

Virtual session / MS teams

No cost


Diana Schwarz

Diana is an admitted attorney with an LLB Degree, who has 15+ years experience as a labour law specialist, commercial litigator and social media expert and child’s rights activist. She advocates for Human Rights and against GBVH. She also works with the Hope Risen Foundation, a local and international organisation focusing in combating and ending human trafficking through awareness, prevention, intervention, restoration and re-integration. She is a speaker, lecturer and regularly appears in the media. She is the Founder/Director of Diana Schwarz Attorneys (“DSA”) which is a niche black woman owned and run law firm.

Paula Quinsee

Paula has 16+ years corporate and people development experience. She is passionate about creating healthy relationships at home and in the workplace to co-create a more human connected world and positively impact people’s lives and well-being. She is an advocate for GBVH and equality and runs both men and women’s development programs. She has a BA, is a certified Imago Relationship Therapy facilitator and educator, NLP Practitioner, PDA Coach and Trainer and Brene’ Brown Dare to Lead trained. She is also an international speaker and author and regularly appears in the media. Paula also volunteers as a counsellor for Lifeline.

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