Jun 1, 2021

17 June 2021 – Virtual Board Walk

The Virtual BoardWalk is a initiative that has been created to nurture the development aspiring directors who are currently in senior management positions and help them to unlock their future potential. It aims to expose these individuals to existing directors (both executive and non-executive) and partners during an interactive networking breakfast that will encourage meaningful engagement and dialogue.

Business and other leaders will be invited to host a virtual table of between eight and ten people. The responsibility of the host will be to impart knowledge, experience and words of wisdom to the table, while directing the conversation.

17 June 2021, 09h00-11h00

MS Teams Virtual event


Guest Speaker

Wendy Mahoney

Managing Director

Topic: Conscious Leadership and Social Cohesion

Innovation is: Empathy to connect, inspiration to solve, creativity (beyond existing paradigms) to ideate and courage to implement. These skills emerge naturally in Conscious Leaders.

“Leadership is about dealing with change and more change demands more leadership. The pursuit of innovation isn’t merely about nurturing creativity, evaluating risk and managing failure with the goal of creating new value. It is about overcoming individual and organizational fear of the unexpected and, discarding what we think we know about a new unfolding world. “ Jeff De Cagna, Principled Innovation LLC

For companies, change is an important theme. Whether it is internal, by means of reorganisation, changing product group or other working methods; or whether it is external, with changing competition, markets or customers. Change is always present on the macro, meso and micro levels of organisations. Change in people takes place within certain personal boundaries. Within those frameworks, it is people’s values that play a role; what do they think is important and what standards do they associate with these values?

Spiral Dynamics focuses on the development of these values from Value Level 5 Capitalism to Value Level 7 Innovation. As an individual and collective of individuals moves through the Value Levels and emerges at Value Level 7, the outcome is a naturally Conscious Leadership where the value of Social Cohesion is inherently understood.

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