14 October 2021 – Building cultural competence

Would you like to become a more culturally agile leader? Would you like the assurance that everyone in your team feels included?

We all want to be respected, listened to and understood. The challenge is, the behaviors that make me feel that way, may not be the same behaviors that make you feel that way.

Culturally diverse teams can lead to greater team output, but to harness this potential we all need to be culturally competent and to understand not only our team culture, but the individual, unique cultures of our team members.
Understanding our own personal cultures, the cultures of those within our teams and the gaps between us leads to more effective teamwork, greater team output, enhanced inclusivity, and heightened self-awareness.

When: 14 October 2021, 09h00-11h00

Where: Virtual session / MS teams

Cost: R1,675.00 plus VAT per person.

Book by 8 October 2021. Numbers are limited to a maximum of 20 participants.

Guest Speaker

Robyn De Villiers

Robyn de Villiers (View Profile)

Topic: Building cultural competence

Join us for an interactive session on how to succeed across borders and cultures. You will learn about yourself, about others and about how to work with what makes us the same and what makes us different.


Prior to the workshop you will be given access to The Culture Map’s Personal Profile tool, so that you can create your personal profile as part of the learning experience.

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