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Associations & Partnerships

Business Engage is actively involved in a large variety of partner organisations working towards the creation of successful business locally as well as throughout Africa. Its aim is to form alliances with other bodies or organisations with similar objectives at both a national and international level and to leverage the relationships arising out of these alignments.


United Nations

Business Engage has formed a relationship with various United Nations Departments.


Business Engage was contracted by The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women for Southern Africa (UN Women SARO) to conceptualise and coordinate three events on their behalf.


  • A successful fundraiser on 29th November to raise funds for the Africa UNiTe campaign’s climb up Kiliminjaro to raise awareness against women and girl abuseattended by 200 influential business people;
  • The successful launch of the report : The Progress of Access to Justice for Women, attended by 120 delegates;
  • The 1st February 2012 at Sci-Bono Centre in Newtown was the launch of a game called MoRaba. MoRaba takes the popular South African board game of MoRabaraba, played by men aswell as women, and adds a quiz element. The player is required to answer questions about gender based violence (GBV) at strategic points within the game. The game cannotbe won until questions are answered correctly. As the game is played over multiple sessions, the same questions repeat in order to ensure that the educational content is internalized. The target audience for the MoRaba Game is 13- 17 year olds across South Africa.
  • Business Engage has been contracted by UN Women to run their project on Sexual Harassment in the World of Work. This is a programme to support the private sector in becoming equipped with relevant knowledge, skills and organisational capacities to address and prevent sexual harassment in the world of work.



The "founding members" of 85 Broads were women who worked for Goldman Sachs at 85 Broad Street, the investment banking firm's New York City address. Over the past decade, they have expanded their global membership to include women who are students and alumnae of the world's leading colleges, universities, and graduate schools and women who have demonstrated their vision, entrepreneurship or simply their passion for collaborating with other talented women globally.

85 Broads is now a multi-cultural, multi-generational network of over 25,000 trailblazing, visionary women who leverage their talent and leadership savvy to earn a higher return on their intellect. In these difficult times, it has proven a great tool for women to navigate the current environment, providing its members with free high-quality trainings, networking and advertising opportunities: as a result, it has gained great visibility after the New York Times released an article about the opportunities offered by the network recently.

85broads Southern African Chapter
85 Broads as part of its international expansion, especially in emerging markets, opened a branch in South Africa in 2009. Colleen Larsen, CEO of Business Engage heads this organisation in southern Africa.

Business Unity South Africa

Business Unity South Africa (BUSA) was created in October 2003 through the merger of the Black Business Council and Business South Africa. It began operating in January 2004. The merger created the first truly unified organisation for business in South Africa.

BUSA represents South African business on macro-economic and high-level issues that affect it at the national and international levels. Our function is to ensure that business plays a constructive role in the country's economic growth, development and transformation and to create an environment in which businesses of all sizes and in all sectors can thrive, expand and be competitive.

BE are members of BUSA -



The South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA) is the leading accountancy institute, representing suitably qualified professional accountants in practice, industry, commerce, government, academia and the public sector. SAIPA plays a critical role in the building of the accountancy profession in South Africa by ensuring that our members comply with the highest national and global standards.


With a shortage of around 27 000 suitably qualified accountants in South Africa alone, SAIPA is committed to doing all they can to encourage school-leavers to consider professional accountancy as a career path.


SAIPA has been co-ordinating the annual National Accounting Olympiad for secondary schools since 2002 – an initiative which continues to encourage learners from all over the country to take part in a battle of the minds, as they compete for top prizes, including bursaries. Participants receive complimentary accountancy study guides which provide them with valuable career and bursary information.


Monitor Group SME Survey


The Monitor Group, an international consultancy company, recently conducted a survey amongst SME’s in South Africa. This was part of a world wide survey. The results of the survey are intended to drive SME policy in South Africa.


Business Engage was requested by the Monitor Group to be a partner in this survey. This programme is ongoing.


Epilepsy SA

Epilepsy SA is an established organization with credible governance;


National footprint and access to individuals throughout the country;


Experience adapting training materials for various contexts and learner needs, particularly for those low literacy, women and people with disabilities.

They have recently embarked on a Pan-African Capacity Training Intervention (PACTI), which was launched in June in Nairobi. This programme is designed to develop institutional capacity within government and NGO’s throughout Africa to address the mandates established in the United Nations Convention for Persons with Disabilities.


 Tourism Enterprise Partnership


TEP has a client base of over 3,000 tourism SMME’s include accommodation, car hire, travel agencies, entertainment, conference centres, restaurants, tour operators, activities, attractions, storytellers, artists, performers, lifestyle products and museums, all combining to form the social and heritage product network of South Africa.

The Committee of 200 (C200)


The Committee of 200 (C200) is an invitation only membership organization of the world's most successful women business leaders. The age range of its membership, which is life?long, is from 35 to 90. C200's more than 400 members represent over 100 industries in the U.S., Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America.

The C200 membership is an extraordinary group of women whose vision and influence make them opinion leaders and role models across industry, culture, business discipline and geographic boundaries.


International Labour Organisation - WEDGE Programme

moweaThe International Labour Organization (ILO) has been involved in promoting and assisting entrepreneurs to access productive work for over two decades. The Month of the Woman Entrepreneur in Africa (MOWEA), part of the Women's Entrepreneurship Development and Gender Equality (WEDGE) programme, is part of this cause.

The ILO has appointed Business Engage as the custodians of the website, funded by the ILO to capture all the events hosted in the countries in Africa celebrating their individual women's month. 


New Faces New Voices Network (NFNV)

New Faces. New Voices

The New Faces New Voices Network (NFVN) is an association of African women leaders in business and finance across the continent. Under the leadership of Mrs. Graca Machel, the Network is committed to vigorously engaging relevant institutions to bring women in Africa to centre stage to contribute to the decisions that shape the African continent and a new global financial system.

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Business Engage is an exciting and inventive South African based organisation at the forefront of strategic thinking on gender mainstreaming in the private sector. The aim of Business Engage is to enable individuals (both men and women) and companies to maximise their growth and profits through its diverse offerings that include networking, mentorship, training, collaboration, entrepreneurship development and support.