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International Labour Organisation Programmes Facilitated by Business Engage

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Action My Business Growth

AMG training objective is to assist Growth Orientated Women Entrepreneurs (GOWE) to grow their businesses from small-to-medium scale.

 This is done through the use of participative training techniques to assist the GOWEs to:

  • Understand the challenges and opportunities of having growth as an objective
  • Identify barriers to growth and strategies to overcome these barriers
  • Understand how to plan for and to manage growth
  • Explore their business’ growth potential
  • Develop realistic action plans for growth
  • Identify new opportunities for sustainable growth
  • Explore entrepreneurs tools for developing action plans to expand their businesses and
  • Go for growth!



Improve Your Exhibition Skills

The objective of IYES is to assist women entrepreneursto make the best use of trade fairs to improve their market access, business growth and selfempowerment. By providing practical guidance on marketing, communications and promotional activities.

  • Improving the effectiveness of trade fairs in promoting women entrepreneurs’ businesses
  • Helping women entrepreneurs to effectively use trade fair participation
  • Improving the capacity of BDS providers to facilitate women entrepreneurs’ successful involvement in trade fairs and exhibitions



Women Entrepreneurship Development

This 4,5 day programme is the Women’s Entrepreneurship Development (WED) Capacity Building Programme conducted as a modular based training programme developed through the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

This programme affords you the opportunity to fully understand and articulate the challenges the female entrepreneur faces nationally and globally, how to address those challenges and find sustainable solutions to overcome the challenges.

The target market for this programme is as follows:

  • Business Development Services (BDS) Providers
  • Micro, Small and Medium-sized enterprise (MSME) support organisations
  • Enterprise Development Projects
  • Government business support agencies/units
  • Employers and Workers Organisations
  • NGOs supporting Women’s Entrepreneurship development
  • Microfinance and other financing institutions
  • Donor organisations and their project staff
  • Development partners working with the ILO’s WEDGE team



Women Entrepreneurs’ Associations ( WEA ) Capacity Building Guide

 The Women Entrepreneurs’ Association Capacity Building Guide (WEA Capacity Building Guide) has been developed by the International Labour Organization’s Women Entrepreneurs’ Development and Gender Equality (ILO-WEDGE) team. It is a training package designed to assist Women Entrepreneurs’ Associations (WEAs) to run and improve their associations.

The WEA Capacity Building Guide covers different topics on creating a successful WEA and uses practical activities and discussions to create awareness on gender inequality and gender specific issues. The emphasis is on building the capacity of the associations, and on strengthening their ability to serve their women members.

Objectives -

Ensure that women are effectively represented in mixed Small Business Associations (SBAs).

  • To create awareness regarding gender inequalities faced by women entrepreneurs and suggest ways of addressing these challenges through the creation of gender sensitive services in WEAs and SBAs
  • To ensure that women entrepreneurs have greater access to representation and voice in their business affairs and in influencing the policies and decisions that affect them.
  • To guide women in the formation and managing of a member-based business association.
  • To build the administrative, organisational, technical and financial capacities of new and existing associations to enable them to better serve their members.
  • To promote links between WEAs regionally and internationally, and foster linkages with other key private sector actors (e.g. employers’ organisations).

Target Group -

The guide is aimed at women and men involved in existing WEAs and SBAs with an expressed interest in improving and developing their associations. By improving WEAs and SBAs, participants will in turn assist other women entrepreneurs by providing better services, more training and further support in their business endeavours.


Sexual Harassment in the World of Work Workshop




Contact : for more information.


**Day 1

Agenda Item


Registration and Refreshments

08h00 - 08h30

Welcome address and Opening by UN Women (Nomcebo Manzini)

08h30 – 09h00

Who’s who? (Introductions)

09h00 – 09h30

Clip by Clip - What is and What isn’t?

09h30 – 10h45

Tea Break

10h45 – 11h00

Understanding Sexual Harassment Lingo – Definitions, definitions, definitions…. The Code of Conduct

11h00 – 13h00

Lunch Break

13h00 – 13h45

Applicable “Legalese”  and associated Acts

13h45 – 15h00

Tea Break

15h00 – 15h15

Identifying your Corporate Culture with regards to Sexual Harassment and/or gender bias in your Workplace

15h15 – 16h30

** Please note that the Agenda Items scheduled above are subject to change, depending upon the duration of facilitated discussion topics and/or logistics.


**Day 2

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The Power of Legislation - 1 day

This course is a mix of providing knowledge of legislation that affects the individuals at the head of sme companies and also various legislation application to the business itself. The legislation is broken down so that the attendee only learns what is vitally important. As an example the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) is known to us all, but read by very few. In fact the Act is only about 24 page long, and the individual / business only needs to be aware of three clauses. All the rest of the Act relates to the financial service provider. The RICA Act is the same.

Further, many women entrepreneurs are unaware of their individual rights when it comes to legal and credit issues, this can often have a detrimental effect on the business.


The course includes information on the following legislation and codes;

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Companies Act for Small Businesses – 1 day



Who of us in business have read the Companies Act, probably very few? But Why?

One reason is the Act is 197 pages long and the regulations a further 174 pages. Large parts of the act does not apply to women entrepreneurs. What does apply to them they really have to know, and many don’t. Very few business people know the real power of the Companies Act.

This workshop was developed in-house and is aimed at all registered businesses and covers;

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Negotiating Contracts - 1 day



Many women entrepreneurs tender, negotiate or quote for work. But how many get it right when it comes to entering a contract. Not many. But why not – we all enter into contracts every day of our lives with ease and we do not even know about it.

In this workshop we will show the women entrepreneur how to master securing the work or the services that they offer and then how to ensure that they enter into a contract that looks after their interests. Why they must change their mindset when it comes to entering contracts – even when contracting with the big boys. How to get their requirements into the contract. Making sure they really understand what the Client wants, even if they don’t know themselves.

This workshop was developed in-house and is aimed at all women entrepreneur who buy or sell services and products on a contract basis. The sector of the business is not important. The workshop covers;

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Preparing Women for Boards


Women in South Africa have made reasonable progress in the workplace since our first democratic elections.


Our government’s commitment to gender equality has placed us at the forefront of advancing women in the workplace.  Since 2004 the percentage of South African companies not having any females on its boards decreased from 60% to 21.5%. The number of women serving on boards during this same period increased from 7.1% to 16.4%. However, this trend is slow and women remain significantly under-represented in top positions. Currently there are only 15 women CEO’s on JSE listed companies and only 20 women chairpersons.


In view of the fact that the African declared the decade 2010-2020 the African women’s decade, many challenges to gender equality and women’s empowerment remain.  Empowering women in business is a major step towards building a strong, economically viable country.

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Business Engage Toastmasters

Toastmasters is an internationally recognised institution for the development of public speaking.  Business Engage has managed to draw interest from a surprising number of senior people in business in this regard.

 All Welcome

Meetings held 2nd Wednesday of the Month

18h30 for 18h45

Accsys Offices, Sandhavon Office Park, Pongola Crescent, Eastgate Ext 17, Sandton, Gauteng

GPS: 26° 5' 33.2988" S, 28° 4' 45.1812" E

For more information:

VP Membership : Yvonne

VP Education : Gillian

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HR for Entrepreneurs



This is a workshop aimed specifically at small business owners and entrepreneurs, at all levels who want to equip themselves with the basics of the Human Resources and relating legislative aspects of their businesses.

Understanding the language of HR, as well as the basics of Industrial Relations and discipline will empower you to take your business to the next level and to understand and manage the human capital and business growth. Ultimately you will be equipped to grow a healthy and sustainable business.

Topics that will be covered in this workshop:

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Financial Literacy for non-financial entrepreneurs


Accounting is a language used to communicate important information about a business’ financial status. As a small business owner and entrepreneur understanding this language is vital to the financial success of your business. After all, how can you look after your bottom line if you don’t know what it is!

Financial Literacy for Non-Financial Entrepreneurs is a workshop aimed specifically at small business owners and entrepreneurs, at all levels who want to equip themselves with the basics of accounting and understanding the financial aspects of their businesses. Understanding the language of accounting will empower you to take your business to the next level and to understand and manage the business growth and will assist you with the growing of a healthy and sustainable business.


No prior knowledge of accounting or book keeping in necessary for this highly effective, but simple to understand workshop, that promises to equip you with powerful tools to manage your business on a practical level.


Topics that will be covered in this workshop:

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How to Write a Business Plan


Writing a successful business plan is the first stepping stone to achieving your goals as a business owner. This task can seem daunting, especially if you are not equipped with the correct knowledge.

This workshop will take you through each step of the business plan covering each topic extensively:   


Topics that are covered in this workshop:

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A Basic Practical Guide to Starting a Business



The workshop deals with the everyday issues that arise when starting a new business.  It saves time and energy as well as money.  Time in that you don’t have to spend time in queue’s trying to get the correct documentation, or doing research on the Internet or anywhere else for that matter, trying to find out what you have to do and where you have to go in order to do it.

A Basic Practical Guide To Starting A Business is broken up into the following main titles below and starts off with the difference between a Sole Proprietor, a Close Corporation and a Company and how to register each of these entities.

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