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With Human Resources becoming the corner stone in all successful businesses, implementing and managing a proper HR/Payroll services has become more evident. Business Engage has put together a collection of topical HR and Payroll related articles for business owners seeking HR and Payroll information.

Articles of interest

The Realities of Being more True to Yourself through your Business.

Article contributed by Lauren Fleiser, owner of Trutrepreneur® Retainer based consulting and products for entrepreneurs who want to align their dreams and personalities to business models and revenue strategies that work. Tel: 084 840 4444. Email Website:


A lot of entrepreneurs start a business because they feel it will allow them to have more control over their own destiny and be more true to themselves, but many do not realise just how complex this notion can be.

At the surface level, the entrepreneur would like to be their own boss, to structure their own hours and to not have to report to anyone else . On a deeper level, the entrepreneur’s willingness to go out on their own is also based on their desire to do something that they are good at and that they enjoy doing. If one takes this feeling even deeper, the entrepreneur feels passionate about what they have chosen to do and finds meaning through their passion as well as meaning through the impact that their passion has on others.

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What makes entrepreneurs entrepreneurs?


HR - Training Records Check List

As usual it is of the utmost importance that accurate staff records are kept and maintained.  Ultimately these may be required to prove illegibility in terms of BEE and/or EE requirements.

Clearly it will also assist with ensuring that staff are adequately trained for the tasks that have been allocated to them and/or to ensure that they remain up to date and ‘current’ with the latest technological and/or legal requirements and/or methodologies.

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Time and Attendance : Shifts Explained


A shift can be defined as the time period which an employee renders his services to the company. This will include an agreed upon start and stop time, including the necessary regulations in compliance to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, governed by the Department of Labour. The table below briefly summarizes the maximum working hours regulated as per the Basic Conditions of Employment Act:

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Tips for ensuring a smooth payroll

The last thing any company wishes to hear is the fact that payroll issues are causing the employees dissatisfaction, whether your company payroll is distributed monthly, weekly or fortnightly. Monitoring your business processes regularly can detect and prevent some of these payroll issues before they become a problem.  Here are a few examples on issues that may cause dissatisfaction amongst your employees:

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Basic Guide to Strikes, Lockouts and Picketing reference

Workers have a right to strike, and employers have a right to lock out workers, if a dispute cannot be resolved.  Certain procedures and certain limitations apply under certain conditions.  Secondary strikes and pickets may also be held.

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HR Tips - Employment Equity

The Employment Equity Act is legislation that requires all employers to stop unfair discrimination, protects employees and job seekers from such discrimination, and also provides a framework for implementing affirmative action. The following organizations are not included in the provisions of the law:

  • National Defence Force;
  • National Intelligence Agency; and
  • South African Secret Service.
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Donations Tax

What is donations tax?

Donations tax is tax payable on the value of property disposed of by a resident by means of a donation.

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UIF Offences

Reference to the Act:

  • Section 17 of the UIC Act.
  • Section 75A of the Income Tax Act
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Obligation of employer to submit reconciliation (EMP501)

Paragraph 14(3) of the 4th Schedule prescribes that an employer is obliged to furnish a reconciliation statement showing details of the total amount of Employees’ Tax deducted or withheld as well as the details of IRP5/IT3(a)s issued during the tax year. This also applies to UIF.

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Basic Guide to Annual Leave

Basic Conditions of Employment legislation requires that workers get a minimum of 21 consecutive days of annual leave each year.  Employers can only pay workers instead of granting annual leave when employment is terminated.

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The Advantages of Human Resources

It is important to note that Human Resources (employees) are considered to be one of the most expensive resources of the organisation.  For this reason employees should be efficiently managed. Using Human Resources effectively could lead to an organisation having a strong competitive advantage simply through Human Capital.  The benefits that having someone (or a department) responsible for Human Resources in a company are many, (2012) provides a list of advantages that the Human Resources department provides to the organisation.

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Tax incentives in South Africa aim to encourage investment in innovation

BY Kate Douglas | Business Focus, Feature Articles, South Africa | January 9, 2013


New tax incentives for investment in research and development (R&D) in South Africa’s energy and natural resources sectors could play an important role in boosting the country’s economic growth, according to Mohammed Jada, KPMG head of R&D tax and incentives in South Africa. “The constant force of reacting to the rise and fall of global demand polarised by a dominant Chinese economy, fluctuating commodity and currency prices and the dynamics of South African labour requires business leaders to be both vigilant and visionary – not an easy task.”

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Change is inevitable – To consult or not to consult, that is the question?

By Dyonne Modlin of Viljoen Consulting/Lateral Labour.   Contact


Throughout my career I have been inundated with employers who at some stage of their business growth need to (understandably) change the terms and conditions of employment for their staff.  At some point the dynamic nature of business is going to mean that an employer must change its strategy or approach in order to remain viable however the Labour Relations Act prohibits unilateral changes to terms and conditions of employment which often leaves Companies with a dilemma in this arena.

The question is simply this: Does an employer have the right to change or amend in any way, the original terms and conditions agreed to when the employee took up employment? Or the existing terms and conditions?

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BUSINESS TIPS – Planning to Succeed

By Nikki Viljoen – Viljoen Consulting CC December 2011

It’s no secret that in order for you to succeed in life, there has to be some sort of plan and obviously this also applies to business success as well.  In fact I would even go so far as to say that the ‘devil is in the detail’.  The more information and detail in the plan, the more you can ‘measure’ yourself to see how you are doing and the more likely it is to succeed.

The problem of course is that many folk have no idea what needs to go into a plan and this statement is backed up and evidenced by the many businesses that fail because individuals have failed to make plans or set goals of any kind.

Here are some guidelines on what you need to look at in order to plan properly.

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Where Else to look for Ideas

 By Nikki Viljoen – Viljoen Consulting CC January 2012


Using Celebrities & their Causes

We all have our favorite celebrities and many individuals avidly follow what their favorite celebrities are doing and getting up to.  Celebrities also often use their status to highlight their pet projects – pretty much like Angelina Jolie uses her name to advance her projects and her position as a UN Ambassador or Al Gore who highlights Global Warming.

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Payroll Tips EFT Basics

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Gender Audit Facilitation

Business Engage Trainers have been trained on the methodology to promote organizational learning on mainstreaming gender practically and effectively.


Participatory Gender Audit Facilitators are able to identify critical gaps and challenges; recommend ways of addressing them and suggest new and more effective strategies, leading to documenting good practices towards the achievement of gender equality in the world of work. Participants will also be resource persons, given their expertise and understanding of gender equality aspects of their environments.


Contact : Colleen Larsen on for more details.

Provisional Tax

How do I know whether I am a provisional taxpayer or not.

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Small businesses are set to lead economic recovery

This article is reprinted with permission from Professional Accountant, published by Future Publishing

The economic future of South Africa hinges on the success of SMMEs, writes Michelle Swart.


It is the large corporate companies that get the credit for innovation and the contributions they make to economies in countries the world over. While the contribution of small businesses is often ignored, it shouldn’t be, as small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) are set to lead economic recovery and help to reduce unemployment levels across the globe, especially in developing countries.


It is estimated that in developed countries, small businesses contribute approximately 50% of the GDP. Small businesses in South Africa only contribute around 30% of the GDP; however, they provide around 80% of the employment opportunities.


Finmark Trust’s Finscope South Africa Small Business Survey 2010 indicates that there are just under six million small businesses operating in South Africa, which means that one in six individuals, aged 16 years and older, generates an income through small business activity. As unemployment is one of the biggest challenges facing South Africa, especially in light of the fact that over the last 20 years the formal economy has seen a reduction in the number of people it employs, SMMEs can play a vital role to improve rising unemployment figures. In fact, it is globally accepted that the development and growth of SMMEs can play an important role in improving economies and, therefore, unemployment levels.


Local support for SMMEs

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CCMA Retrenchment

Gumbe / Electro Inductive Industries

It was the employee’s uncontested version (the employer was absent) that he had been retrenched by the employer together with about 10 other employees. At the time, he had 4 years service. The retrenched employees were told they would be called back if there were other jobs available.

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HR – Getting the Status Right

By Nikki Viljoen of Viljoen Consulting CC , January 2012


Many small business owners are not sure of the correct terminology to use when employing staff, that are not employed on a permanent basis and with the new labour laws, this can and will become problematical.  So let’s get the definitions correct to avoid any nasty nightmares.

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CCMA Publishing derogatory statements on Facebook

Fredericks / Jo Barkett Fashions

Ms Alex Barkett, General Manager, testified that it was brought to her attention that the employee was publishing derogatory statements on her Facebook page. She investigated and found that it was true.

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CCMA Gross Misconduct

Maluleke & others / Cashbuild, Orange Farm

Maluleke and 8 other employees were charged with “gross misconduct”.The procedural fairness was not disputed by the employees.

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